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by Thomas A Adams

Planning An Adult Halloween Party?

Article by The Halloween Host

Are you faced with the daunting task of throwing a Halloween party this year? Here are some fun, creative ways to spice up an adult Halloween party.

Start with your invitations:You can construct your own or buy them. You might even want to pick a theme. One year we had a fractured superhero theme. Everyone took their favorite superhero and made a spin-off of it. For example, I picked Elastic Woman and became Plastic Woman. I wore many plastic containers and lids on my body. So our invites reflected the idea of fractured heroes. You can do an underworld theme, or scary movie characters. Have a blast with this. Also put in the invites that there will be judging for the scariest, cutest, creepiest, overall best and worst Halloween costume. Buy bottles of red wine and make fake labels to place around it for prizes.

Decorating for adults:The Halloween decorations is half the fun of throwing the party. Be sure to go with a spooky edge and not cute. After all, this is a party for adults and not your kids. For example, try lighting your house with only candles for a haunted feel. You can replace your window candle lights bulbs with flickering orange bulbs. Play some haunted music for an extra effect.

Food for thought:There are many recipes for Halloween party foods. Here is one everyone enjoys at our parties. Make deviled eggs with spider web patterns, eyeball donut holes, or ghost cookies. Or perhaps you could make a Skewered Antipasto Pumpkin. You’ll need a large pumpkin, a variety of olives, peppers, tomatoes, small mozzarella cheese balls, sliced chunks of salami or other meats etc. Place the items on the skewers and then place them all around the pumpkin. Be creative. How about some inventive?

Halloween Party Blood Punch:Fill a large punch bowl with tomato juice half way and the other half with orange juice. For added spice mix spicy clamato mix with the tomato juice. Float iced eyeballs in drinks when served.To make the iced eyeballs just core out radishes with a melon baller and insert stuffed olives. Place one in each section of an ice cube tray add water and freeze – you can also fill trays with plastic spiders or some fake flies.How about taking a latex glove (clean thoroughly) and fill with red punch or limeade and freeze. When frozen run under warm water and remove the iced hand from the glove. Place in punch bowl where it will float for a frightening look.

The best part of hosting a Halloween party is there are no limits to your imagination. Planning an adult Halloween party is practically as much enjoyment as the party itself. Have a fearfully good time with your party and take pleasure in our suggestions.

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