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Halloween Costume Ideas – Historical Costumes
Brown Viking Wig, Beard and Mustache Set
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Halloween Costume Ideas

Viking Costumes

Leif Erikson day is coming, are you prepared?Every year you watch the town celebrate Leif Erikson day. And every year you wish you were one of the hundreds of people dressed up like the Icelandic explorer. You see women running around in leather skirts, and men who have grown their beard out all year just for this day. But you don’t want to grow a beard.That’s fine. We understand, it can be uncomfortable for the first few weeks. But with this Brown Viking Wig, Beard, and Mustache you will be prepared for Leif Erikson day. You’ll able to enjoy the frivolity, and fun, all without having to go to the trouble of growing your own hair, and beard! And don’t forget to grab a Viking costume on your way to check out for a real Leif Erikson experience.

We tried to grow out our beards and hair in anticipation of our favorite historical TV show. In the end we decided it would be much easier to wear this beard and wig every Thursday!

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