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Halloween Costume Ideas – Historical Costumes
Women’s Lady Guinevere Teal Costume
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Halloween Costume Ideas

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Lady of the House PartyIf you’ve got to cause the downfall of Camelot, you may as well do so in style, eh? We’re just joking…kind of. We mean, Guinevere did kind of cause a bit of trouble with her epic beauty and romantic notions. But can you blame her? Look at her clothes. This dress was made to be fought over!History is actually pretty fuzzy on the details of Arthur, Lancelot, and Guinevere, but one thing that’s clear is the high style in which she dressed. That’s why we’ve got this Women’s Lady Guinevere Teal Costume ready for you to ride off into the sunset with. Because when you’re decked out in this luxurious costume, you can write your own end to your story; you’re obviously the lady in charge, and you need no rescuing. So slip into this charming costume and command the attention of everyone at the house party or Halloween bash. Whether you choose to arrive with King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, or you wish to fly solo, this look will cement your place in the Halloween history books!Product DetailsThis is an ensemble fit for a queen! Crafted from rich, teal velvet, the dress is styled to the specifications of Arthurian times, with pronounced draped sleeves that reach nearly to the floor! The belt, too, hangs long in front and offsets the outfit with its metallic sheen, while a subtle pattern is stenciled near the neckline for added allure. Top your perfectly curled locks with the included, gem-studded half-crown and we’re sure you’ll have no trouble gathering your own roundtable of adoring fans tonight!Gal About TownWe can’t be sure, but we would guess Guinevere was a real girl about Camelot. Follow in her footsteps, and don’t feel the need to reign over one social gathering, exclusively. Party hop in this teal gown, if for no other reason than to show off its exquisite beauty!  

The Women’s Lady Guinevere Teal Costume is a great historical costume for your Halloween party!

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