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Halloween Costume Ideas – Historical Costumes
Women’s Lizzie Borden Costume
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Halloween Costume Ideas

Ax Her All About ItEver wondered what it would be like to hang with the infamous Lizzie Borden? After her parent’s grisly end, she carried disturbing rumors for the rest of her life. She went from soft-spoken spinster to legend in a matter of hours. And she simply picked up her belongings and moved across town to a nicer house. It’s said that everyone in the town kept their distance even after she was acquitted in court. Which makes us wonder if she would have wondered visitors like us. We would have loved to sit in her parlor, drinking tea, and discussing the trial. Though, we’d have to be careful. You don’t want to get on Lizzie’s list!Product DetailsThis Lizzie Borden costume is trial ready, no grisly drips of blood down the front until you, yourself apply them. So you can choose just how ghastly you want to get! The black gown comes with an attached, striped vest. It has a deep cut with a folding collar. It comes with two cameos, one for the high neck and the other fixes to the charming pillbox hat with its dramatic veil. With puffed sleeves and a subtle high-low skirt, you’ll feel mysterious and a little dangerous in this Victorian get-up!Have the Crime of your LifeWant to become the legendary suspect of the 19th century? Pair this costume with a very suspicious ax from our Halloween props and you’re sure to get into macabre conversations with all sorts of Halloween revelers. Spend this Halloween whispering about the turn of the century crime, Lindbergh baby conspiracies anyone? Who knows what conversations Lizzie will lead to. From crime aficionados who are looking for kindred spirits to history nuts, this costume is sure to stir up some interesting conversation. And the thing is, you’ll look rather stunning as well!

If you believe Lizzie Borden killed her dad and step mom you will want this Women’s Lizzie Borden Costume. We can all assume, but we may never know.

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